Camp Lookout will be open for the 2021 Camping Season!

​Remember when all we had to worry about was sunburn and mosquito bites? So much has changed since we were last open in 2019.

After careful consideration it has been decided that Camp will be in full operation this year. We will be doing everything in our power to insure a safe camping experience. Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the American Camping Association will be implemented to ensure the safety of our campers and staff.

Staff will be fully vaccinated and there will be extra cleaning and sanitizing. Campers will be required to bring 2 cloth masks marked with their name and masking will be enforced. Meals will be served in shifts to maintain social distancing.


​And continuing our commitment to safety, we are pleased to announce that we now have a new certified storm shelter! We are excited to have you see this improvement for your peace of mind. 

Hope to see you soon!

What is Camp Lookout?

The Purpose of Camp Lookout is the development of character, leadership, and an interest in service to others.

Any child, ages 7-15 is welcome to attend, regardless of race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, or natural origin.

Camp Lookout is sponsored by the Iowa Branch of the International Order of the King's Daughters and Sons. Prayer circles, cabin devotions, and sunrise services are included in the Camp Program and are non-denominational in scope.

Camp Lookout

2977 Mississippi River Road

Montrose, IA 52639

(319) 463-5529


Lending a Hand at Camp Lookout

A big Thank You to members of the Bessie Morrison and Potowonok Circles who participated in Camp Clean-Up Days, as well as donating items to camp. Thanks also to Bessie Morrison Circle for providing lunch for the workers in addition to those working on the construction of the new Arts and Crafts Building.